functionsince v0.0-3208Edit
(parse-ns src)
(parse-ns src opts)
(parse-ns src dest opts)
(parse-ns state src dest opts)

Source docstring:
Helper for parsing only the essential namespace information from a
   ClojureScript source file and returning a cljs.closure/IJavaScript compatible
   map _not_ a namespace AST node.

   By default does not load macros or perform any analysis of dependencies. If
   opts parameter provided :analyze-deps and :load-macros keys their values will
   be used for *analyze-deps* and *load-macros* bindings respectively. This
   function does _not_ side-effect the ambient compilation environment unless
   requested via opts where :restore is false.
Source code @ clojurescript:src/main/clojure/cljs/analyzer/api.cljc
   (defn parse-ns
     ([src] (parse-ns src nil nil))
     ([src opts] (parse-ns src nil opts))
     ([src dest opts]
      (parse-ns (or (current-state) (empty-state opts)) src dest opts))
     ([state src dest opts]
      (env/with-compiler-env state
        (binding [ana/*cljs-warning-handlers* (:warning-handlers opts ana/*cljs-warning-handlers*)]
          (ana/parse-ns src dest opts)))))