functionsince v1.9.854Edit
(get-node-deps dependencies)
(get-node-deps dependencies opts)

Source docstring:
EXPERIMENTAL: Get the Node.js dependency graph of the supplied dependencies.
Dependencies must be a sequence of strings or symbols naming packages or paths
within packages (e.g. [react "react-dom/server"] or a valid compiler options
map. Assumes dependencies have been been previously installed, either by
`!` or by an NPM client, and reside in the
`node_modules` directory.
Source code @ clojurescript:src/main/clojure/cljs/build/api.clj
(defn get-node-deps
   (if (compiler-opts? dependencies)
     (get-node-deps (keys (:npm-deps dependencies)) dependencies)
     (get-node-deps dependencies
       (when-let [state (ana-api/current-state)]
         (:options @state)))))
  ([dependencies opts]
   {:pre [(sequential? dependencies)]}
     (distinct (concat (keys (:npm-deps opts)) (map str dependencies)))