MOVED, please see cljs.core/unchecked-subtract
functionremoved v0.0-2277added v0.0-1798Edit
(unchecked-substract x)
(unchecked-substract x y)
(unchecked-substract x y & more)

Source docstring:
If no ys are supplied, returns the negation of x, else subtracts
the ys from x and returns the result.
Source code @ clojurescript:src/cljs/cljs/core.cljs
(defn ^number unchecked-substract
  ([x] (cljs.core/unchecked-subtract x))
  ([x y] (cljs.core/unchecked-subtract x y))
  ([x y & more] (reduce unchecked-substract (cljs.core/unchecked-subtract x y) more)))