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(eval state form cb)
(eval state form opts cb)

Source docstring:
Evaluate a single ClojureScript form. The parameters:

state (atom)
  the compiler state

form (s-expr)
  the ClojureScript source

opts (map)
  compilation options.

   :eval             - eval function to invoke, see *eval-fn*
   :load             - library resolution function, see *load-fn*
   :source-map       - set to true to generate inline source map information
   :def-emits-var    - sets whether def (and derived) forms return either a Var
                       (if set to true) or the def init value (if false). Default
                       is false.
   :checked-arrays   - if :warn or :error, checks inferred types and values passed
                       to aget/aset. Logs for incorrect values if :warn, throws if
                       :error. Defaults to false.
   :static-fns       - employ static dispatch to specific function arities in
                       emitted JavaScript, as opposed to making use of the
                       `call` construct. Defaults to false.
   :fn-invoke-direct - if `true`, does not generate `.call(null...)` calls for
                       unknown functions, but instead direct invokes via
                       `f(a0,a1...)`. Defaults to `false`.
   :target           - use `:nodejs` if targeting Node.js. Takes no other options
                       at the moment.
   :ns               - optional, the namespace in which to evaluate the source.
   :verbose          - optional, emit details from compiler activity. Defaults to
   :context          - optional, sets the context for the source. Possible values
                       are `:expr`, `:statement` and `:return`. Defaults to

cb (function)
  callback, will be invoked with a map. If successful the map will contain
  a key :value with the result of evalution. If unsuccessful the map will
  contain a key :error with an ex-info instance describing the cause of
Source code @ clojurescript:src/main/cljs/cljs/js.cljs
(defn eval
  ([state form cb]
   (eval state form nil cb))
  ([state form opts cb]
     {:*compiler*     state
      :*data-readers* tags/*cljs-data-readers*
      :*analyze-deps* (:analyze-deps opts true)
      :*cljs-dep-set* ana/*cljs-dep-set*
      :*load-macros*  (:load-macros opts true)
      :*load-fn*      (or (:load opts) *load-fn*)
      :*eval-fn*      (or (:eval opts) *eval-fn*)}
     form opts cb)))