functionsince v0.0-3255 clojure.pprint/pprint-indentEdit
(pprint-indent relative-to n)

Source docstring:
Create an indent at this point in the pretty printing stream. This defines how
following lines are indented. relative-to can be either :block or :current depending
whether the indent should be computed relative to the start of the logical block or
the current column position. n is an offset.

This function is intended for use when writing custom dispatch functions.

Output is sent to *out* which must be a pretty printing writer.
Source code @ clojurescript:src/main/cljs/cljs/pprint.cljs
(defn pprint-indent
  [relative-to n]
  (check-enumerated-arg relative-to #{:block :current})
  (indent *out* relative-to n))