functionsince v0.0-3255 clojure.pprint/writeEdit
(write object & kw-args)

Source docstring:
Write an object subject to the current bindings of the printer control variables.
Use the kw-args argument to override individual variables for this call (and any
recursive calls). Returns the string result if :stream is nil or nil otherwise.

The following keyword arguments can be passed with values:
  Keyword              Meaning                              Default value
  :stream              Writer for output or nil             true (indicates *out*)
  :base                Base to use for writing rationals    Current value of *print-base*
  :circle*             If true, mark circular structures    Current value of *print-circle*
  :length              Maximum elements to show in sublists Current value of *print-length*
  :level               Maximum depth                        Current value of *print-level*
  :lines*              Maximum lines of output              Current value of *print-lines*
  :miser-width         Width to enter miser mode            Current value of *print-miser-width*
  :dispatch            The pretty print dispatch function   Current value of *print-pprint-dispatch*
  :pretty              If true, do pretty printing          Current value of *print-pretty*
  :radix               If true, prepend a radix specifier   Current value of *print-radix*
  :readably*           If true, print readably              Current value of *print-readably*
  :right-margin        The column for the right margin      Current value of *print-right-margin*
  :suppress-namespaces If true, no namespaces in symbols    Current value of *print-suppress-namespaces*

  * = not yet supported
Source code @ clojurescript:src/main/cljs/cljs/pprint.cljs
(defn write
  [object & kw-args]
  (let [options (merge {:stream true} (apply hash-map kw-args))]
    ;;TODO rewrite this as a macro
    (binding [cljs.pprint/*print-base* (:base options cljs.pprint/*print-base*)
              ;;:case             *print-case*,
              cljs.pprint/*print-circle* (:circle options cljs.pprint/*print-circle*)
              ;;:escape           *print-escape*
              ;;:gensym           *print-gensym*
              cljs.core/*print-length* (:length options cljs.core/*print-length*)
              cljs.core/*print-level* (:level options cljs.core/*print-level*)
              cljs.pprint/*print-lines* (:lines options cljs.pprint/*print-lines*)
              cljs.pprint/*print-miser-width* (:miser-width options cljs.pprint/*print-miser-width*)
              cljs.pprint/*print-pprint-dispatch* (:dispatch options cljs.pprint/*print-pprint-dispatch*)
              cljs.pprint/*print-pretty* (:pretty options cljs.pprint/*print-pretty*)
              cljs.pprint/*print-radix* (:radix options cljs.pprint/*print-radix*)
              cljs.core/*print-readably* (:readably options cljs.core/*print-readably*)
              cljs.pprint/*print-right-margin* (:right-margin options cljs.pprint/*print-right-margin*)
              cljs.pprint/*print-suppress-namespaces* (:suppress-namespaces options cljs.pprint/*print-suppress-namespaces*)]
      ;;TODO enable printing base
      #_[bindings (if (or (not (= *print-base* 10)) *print-radix*)
                  {#'pr pr-with-base}
      (binding []
        (let [sb (StringBuffer.)
              optval (if (contains? options :stream)
                       (:stream options)
              base-writer (if (or (true? optval) (nil? optval))
                            (StringBufferWriter. sb)
          (if *print-pretty*
            (with-pretty-writer base-writer
                                (write-out object))
            (binding [*out* base-writer]
              (pr object)))
          (if (true? optval)
            (string-print (str sb)))
          (if (nil? optval)
            (str sb)))))))