since v0.0-927

*default-data-reader-fn* - dynamic var

*tag-table* - dynamic var

add-data-readers - macro
(add-data-readers default-readers)

deregister-default-tag-parser! - function

deregister-tag-parser! - function
(deregister-tag-parser! tag)

desugar-meta - function
(desugar-meta f)

dispatch-macros - function
(dispatch-macros s)

escape-char - function
(escape-char buffer reader)

escape-char-map - function
(escape-char-map c)

float-pattern - var

int-pattern - var

macro-terminating? - function
(macro-terminating? ch)

macros - function
(macros c)

make-unicode-char - function
(make-unicode-char code-str)

maybe-read-tagged-type - function
(maybe-read-tagged-type rdr initch)

not-implemented - function
(not-implemented rdr ch)

parse-and-validate-timestamp - function
(parse-and-validate-timestamp s)

parse-timestamp - function
(parse-timestamp ts)

push-back-reader - function
(push-back-reader s)

ratio-pattern - var

read - function
(read reader eof-is-error sentinel is-recursive)
Reads the first object from a PushbackReader. Returns the object read.
If EOF, throws if eof-is-error is true. Otherwise returns sentinel.

Only supports edn (similar to clojure.edn/read)

read-2-chars - function
(read-2-chars reader)

read-4-chars - function
(read-4-chars reader)

read-comment - var

read-delimited-list - function
(read-delimited-list delim rdr recursive?)

read-discard - function
(read-discard rdr _)

read-dispatch - function
(read-dispatch rdr _)

read-keyword - function
(read-keyword reader initch)

read-list - function
(read-list rdr _)

read-literal - function
(read-literal rdr ch)

read-map - function
(read-map rdr _)

read-meta - function
(read-meta rdr _)

read-number - function
(read-number reader initch)

read-past - function
(read-past pred rdr)
Read until first character that doesn't match pred, returning

read-raw-string* - function
(read-raw-string* reader _)

read-regex - function
(read-regex rdr ch)

read-set - function
(read-set rdr _)

read-string - function
(read-string s)
Reads one object from the string s

read-string* - function
(read-string* reader _)

read-symbol - function
(read-symbol reader initch)

read-token - function
(read-token rdr initch)

read-unmatched-delimiter - function
(read-unmatched-delimiter rdr ch)

read-vector - function
(read-vector rdr _)

reader-error - function
(reader-error rdr & msg)

register-default-tag-parser! - function
(register-default-tag-parser! f)

register-tag-parser! - function
(register-tag-parser! tag f)

skip-line - function
(skip-line reader _)
Advances the reader to the end of a line. Returns the reader

special-symbols - function
(special-symbols t not-found)

symbol-pattern - var

throwing-reader - function
(throwing-reader msg)

unicode-2-pattern - var

unicode-4-pattern - var

validate-unicode-escape - function
(validate-unicode-escape unicode-pattern reader escape-char unicode-str)

wrapping-reader - function
(wrapping-reader sym)

Types and Protocols

PushbackReader - protocol

StringPushbackReader - type
(StringPushbackReader. s buffer idx)