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(bootstrap-repl engine output-dir opts)

Source code @ clojurescript:src/main/clojure/cljs/repl/nashorn.clj
(defn bootstrap-repl [engine output-dir opts]
        (let [deps-file ".nashorn_repl_deps.js"
              core (io/resource "cljs/core.cljs")
              core-js (closure/compile core
                        (assoc opts :output-file
                            core (dissoc opts :output-dir))))
              deps (closure/add-dependencies opts core-js)]
          ;; output unoptimized code and the deps file
          ;; for all compiled namespaces
          (apply closure/output-unoptimized
            (assoc opts :output-to (.getPath (io/file output-dir deps-file)))
          ;; load the deps file so we can goog.require cljs.core etc.
          (load-js-file engine deps-file))))