since v0.0-927

This namespace mainly provides reflection capabilities to assist you in exploring code in a REPL. It comes with macros that are automatically imported into your REPL environment, but you can use them outside of one as well.

These macros allow you to explore code by listing/searching available vars in a namespace and viewing a var's documentation or source.

apropos - macro
(apropos str-or-pattern)
Given a regular expression or stringable thing, return a seq of all
public definitions in all currently-loaded namespaces that match the

dir - macro
(dir ns)
Prints a sorted directory of public vars in a namespace

doc - macro
(doc name)
Prints documentation for a var or special form given its name,
or for a spec if given a keyword

find-doc - macro
(find-doc re-string-or-pattern)
Prints documentation for any var whose documentation or name
contains a match for re-string-or-pattern

(print-doc {n :ns, nm :name, :as m})

pst - macro
(pst e)

source - macro
(source n)
Prints the source code for the given symbol, if it can find it.
This requires that the symbol resolve to a Var defined in a
namespace for which the .cljs is in the classpath.

Example: (source filter)