macropreviously cljs.spec/coll-of clojure.spec.alpha/coll-ofEdit
(coll-of pred & opts)

Source docstring:
Returns a spec for a collection of items satisfying pred. Unlike
generator will fill an empty init-coll.

Same options as 'every'. conform will produce a collection
corresponding to :into if supplied, else will match the input collection,
avoiding rebuilding when possible.

Same options as 'every'.

See also - every, map-of
Source code @ clojurescript:src/main/cljs/cljs/spec/alpha.cljc
(defmacro coll-of
  [pred & opts]
  (let [desc `(coll-of ~(res &env pred) ~@(res-kind &env opts))]
    `(every ~pred ::conform-all true ::describe '~desc ~@opts)))