macropreviously cljs.spec/exercise-fnEdit
(exercise-fn sym)
(exercise-fn sym n)
(exercise-fn sym n fspec)

Source docstring:
exercises the fn named by sym (a symbol) by applying it to
n (default 10) generated samples of its args spec. When fspec is
supplied its arg spec is used, and sym-or-f can be a fn.  Returns a
sequence of tuples of [args ret]. 
Source code @ clojurescript:src/main/cljs/cljs/spec/alpha.cljc
(defmacro exercise-fn
   `(exercise-fn ~sym 10))
  ([sym n]
   `(exercise-fn ~sym ~n nil))
  ([sym n fspec]
   (let [sym (cond-> sym
               (clojure.core/and (sequential? sym)
                                 (= (first sym) 'quote))
     `(let [fspec# ~(if-not fspec
                      `(get-spec '~(:name (resolve &env sym)))
            f#     ~sym]
        (if-let [arg-spec# (c/and fspec# (:args fspec#))]
          (for [args# (gen/sample (gen arg-spec#) ~n)]
            [args# (apply f# args#)])
          (throw (js/Error. "No :args spec found, can't generate")))))))