since v0.0-3255

cljs-files-in - function
(cljs-files-in dir)
Return a sequence of all .cljs and .cljc files in the given directory.

compile-file - function
(compile-file src)
(compile-file src dest)
(compile-file src dest opts)
(compile-file state src dest opts)
Compiles src to a file of the same name, but with a .js extension,
in the src file's directory.

With dest argument, write file to provided location. If the dest
argument is a file outside the source tree, missing parent
directories will be created. The src file will only be compiled if
the dest file has an older modification time.

Both src and dest may be either a String or a File.

Returns a map containing {:ns .. :provides .. :requires .. :file ..}.
If the file was not compiled returns only {:file ...}

compile-root - function
(compile-root src-dir)
(compile-root src-dir target-dir)
(compile-root src-dir target-dir opts)
(compile-root state src-dir target-dir opts)
Looks recursively in src-dir for .cljs files and compiles them to
.js files. If target-dir is provided, output will go into this
directory mirroring the source directory structure. Returns a list
of maps containing information about each file which was compiled
in dependency order.

emit - function
(emit ast)
(emit state ast)
Given an AST node generated by the analyzer emit JavaScript as a string.

requires-compilation? - function
(requires-compilation? src dest)
(requires-compilation? src dest opts)
(requires-compilation? state src dest opts)
Return true if the src file requires compilation.

with-core-cljs - function
(with-core-cljs opts)
(with-core-cljs opts body)
(with-core-cljs state opts body)
Ensure that core.cljs has been loaded.