since v0.0-2814

-main - function
(-main & args)

bootstrap-repl - function
(bootstrap-repl engine output-dir opts)

create-engine - function
(create-engine {:keys [code-cache], :or {code-cache true}})

eval-resource - function
(eval-resource engine path debug)
Evaluate a file on the classpath in the engine.

eval-str - function
(eval-str engine s)

init-engine - function
(init-engine engine {:keys [output-dir], :as opts} debug)

load-js-file - function
(load-js-file engine file)

load-ns - function
(load-ns engine ns)

repl-env - function
(repl-env & {:as opts})
Create a Nashorn repl-env for use with the repl/repl* method in Clojurescript.

repl-env* - function
(repl-env* {:keys [debug], :as opts})

repl-filename - var

tear-down-engine - function
(tear-down-engine engine)