since v0.0-2629

-main - function
(-main & args)

close-socket - function
(close-socket s)

create-socket - function
(create-socket host port)

errs - var

load-javascript - function
(load-javascript repl-env provides url)
Load a Closure JavaScript file into the Node REPL process.

lock - var

node-eval - function
(node-eval repl-env js)
Evaluate a JavaScript string in the Node REPL process.

outs - var

platform-path - function
(platform-path v)

read-response - function
(read-response in)

repl-env - function
(repl-env & {:as options})
Construct a Node.js evalution environment. Can supply :host, :port
and :path (a vector used as the NODE_PATH).

repl-env* - function
(repl-env* options)

results - var

seq->js-array - function
(seq->js-array v)

setup - function
(setup repl-env)
(setup {:keys [host port socket state], :as repl-env} opts)

thread-name - function

write - function
(write out js)