since v0.0-927

-main - function
(-main & args)

bootjs - var

eval-result - multimethod

load-file - function
(load-file repl-env opts src)
Load a JavaScript. This is needed to load JavaScript files before the Rhino
environment is bootstrapped. After bootstrapping load-javascript will be

load-javascript - function
(load-javascript repl-env ns url)

repl-env - function
(repl-env & {:as opts})
Returns a fresh JS environment, suitable for passing to repl.
Hang on to return for use across repl calls.

repl-env* - function
(repl-env* opts)

rhino-eval - function
(rhino-eval {:keys [scope], :as repl-env} filename line js)

rhino-setup - function
(rhino-setup repl-env opts)

stacktrace - multimethod

wrap-fn - function
(wrap-fn form)

Types and Protocols

IEval - protocol