since v0.0-1503

connection - function
Promise to return a connection when one is available. If a
connection is not available, store the promise in server/state.

dispatch-on - function
(dispatch-on method pred handler)
(dispatch-on method {:as m})
Registers a handler to be dispatched based on a request method and a

pred should be a function that accepts an options map, a connection,
and a request map and returns a boolean value based on whether or not
that request should be dispatched to the related handler.

handlers - var

parse-file-parts - function
(parse-file-parts file)

parse-headers - function
(parse-headers header-lines)
Parse the headers of an HTTP POST request.

read-get - function
(read-get line rdr)

read-headers - function
(read-headers rdr)

read-post - function
(read-post line rdr)

read-request - function
(read-request rdr)

send-404 - function
(send-404 conn path)

send-and-close - function
(send-and-close conn status form)
(send-and-close conn status form content-type)
(send-and-close conn status form content-type encoding)
Use the passed connection to send a form to the browser. Send a
proper HTTP response.

set-connection - function
(set-connection conn)
Given a new available connection, either use it to deliver the
connection which was promised or store the connection for later

start - function
(start opts)
Start the server on the specified port.

state - dynamic var

stop - function