macrosince v0.0-927 clojure.core/extend-typeEdit
(extend-type type-sym & impls)


Extend a [type] to implement one or more [protocols].

type-sym can be the result of a deftype or any JS constructor function (e.g. js/Date). But when targetting JS base types (e.g. js/Number, js/String), you must use special type symbols instead. These type symbols are associated with type strings deduced by goog/typeOf:

type symbol corresponding goog/typeOf value
nil "null"
object "object"
string "string"
number "number"
array "array"
function "function"
boolean "boolean"

type-sym can also be specified as default in order to provide default implementations for protocols.

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Source docstring:
Extend a type to a series of protocols. Useful when you are
supplying the definitions explicitly inline. Propagates the
type as a type hint on the first argument of all fns.

type-sym may be

 * default, meaning the definitions will apply for any value,
   unless an extend-type exists for one of the more specific
   cases below.
 * nil, meaning the definitions will apply for the nil value.
 * any of object, boolean, number, string, array, or function,
   indicating the definitions will apply for values of the
   associated base JavaScript types. Note that, for example,
   string should be used instead of js/String.
 * a JavaScript type not covered by the previous list, such
   as js/RegExp.
 * a type defined by deftype or defrecord.

(extend-type MyType
  (-count [c] ...)
  (bar [x y] ...)
  (baz ([x] ...) ([x y] ...) ...)
Source code @ clojurescript:src/main/clojure/cljs/core.cljc
(core/defmacro extend-type
  [type-sym & impls]
  (core/let [env &env
             _ (validate-impls env impls)
             resolve (partial resolve-var env)
             impl-map (->impl-map impls)
             impl-map (if ('#{boolean number} type-sym)
                        (type-hint-impl-map type-sym impl-map)
             [type assign-impls] (core/if-let [type (base-type type-sym)]
                                   [type base-assign-impls]
                                   [(resolve type-sym) proto-assign-impls])]
    (core/when (core/and (:extending-base-js-type cljs.analyzer/*cljs-warnings*)
            (js-base-type type-sym))
      (cljs.analyzer/warning :extending-base-js-type env
        {:current-symbol type-sym :suggested-symbol (js-base-type type-sym)}))
    `(do ~@(mapcat #(assign-impls env resolve type-sym type %) impl-map))))