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(iteration step & {:keys [somef vf kf initk], :or {vf identity, kf identity, somef some?, initk nil}})

Source docstring:
Creates a seqable/reducible via repeated calls to step,
a function of some (continuation token) 'k'. The first call to step
will be passed initk, returning 'ret'. Iff (somef ret) is true,
(vf ret) will be included in the iteration, else iteration will
terminate and vf/kf will not be called. If (kf ret) is non-nil it
will be passed to the next step call, else iteration will terminate.
This can be used e.g. to consume APIs that return paginated or batched data.
 step - (possibly impure) fn of 'k' -> 'ret'
 :somef - fn of 'ret' -> logical true/false, default 'some?'
 :vf - fn of 'ret' -> 'v', a value produced by the iteration, default 'identity'
 :kf - fn of 'ret' -> 'next-k' or nil (signaling 'do not continue'), default 'identity'
 :initk - the first value passed to step, default 'nil'
It is presumed that step with non-initk is unreproducible/non-idempotent.
If step with initk is unreproducible it is on the consumer to not consume twice.
Source code @ clojurescript:src/main/cljs/cljs/core.cljs
(defn iteration
  {:added "1.11"}
  [step & {:keys [somef vf kf initk]
           :or {vf identity
                kf identity
                somef some?
                initk nil}}]
    (-seq [_]
      ((fn next [ret]
         (when (somef ret)
           (cons (vf ret)
             (when-some [k (kf ret)]
               (lazy-seq (next (step k)))))))
       (step initk)))
    (-reduce [_ rf init]
      (loop [acc init
             ret (step initk)]
        (if (somef ret)
          (let [acc (rf acc (vf ret))]
            (if (reduced? acc)
              (if-some [k (kf ret)]
                (recur acc (step k))