functionsince v0.0-927Edit
(repl-env & {:as opts})

Source docstring:
Create a browser-connected REPL environment.


port:           The port on which the REPL server will run. Defaults to 9000.
launch-browser: A Boolean indicating whether a browser should be automatically
                launched connecting back to the terminal REPL. Defaults to true.
working-dir:    The directory where the compiled REPL client JavaScript will
                be stored. Defaults to ".repl" with a ClojureScript version
                suffix, eg. ".repl-0.0-2138".
static-dir:     List of directories to search for static content. Defaults to
                ["." "out/"].
src:            The source directory containing user-defined cljs files. Used to
                support reflection. Defaults to "src/".
Source code @ clojurescript:src/main/clojure/cljs/repl/browser.clj
(defn repl-env
  [& {:as opts}]
  (repl-env* opts))