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(Error->map o)

Source docstring:
Constructs a data representation for a Error with keys:
 :cause - root cause message
 :phase - error phase
 :via - cause chain, with cause keys:
          :type - exception class symbol
          :message - exception message
          :data - ex-data
          :at - top stack element
 :trace - root cause stack elements
Source code @ clojurescript:src/main/cljs/cljs/repl.cljs
(defn Error->map
  (let [base (fn [t]
               (merge {:type (cond
                               (instance? ExceptionInfo t) 'ExceptionInfo
                               (instance? js/Error t) (symbol "js" (.-name t))
                               :else nil)}
                 (when-let [msg (ex-message t)]
                   {:message msg})
                 (when-let [ed (ex-data t)]
                   {:data ed})
                 #_(let [st (extract-canonical-stacktrace t)]
                   (when (pos? (count st))
                     {:at st}))))
        via (loop [via [], t o]
              (if t
                (recur (conj via t) (ex-cause t))
        root (peek via)]
    (merge {:via   (vec (map base via))
            :trace nil #_(extract-canonical-stacktrace (or root o))}
      (when-let [root-msg (ex-message root)]
        {:cause root-msg})
      (when-let [data (ex-data root)]
        {:data data})
      (when-let [phase (-> o ex-data :clojure.error/phase)]
        {:phase phase}))))