functionsince v0.0-927 clojure.string/replaceEdit
(replace s match replacement)


Replaces all instance of match with replacement in s.

The options for match / replacement are:

match replacement
string string
regex string
regex function

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Source docstring:
Replaces all instance of match with replacement in s.

match/replacement can be:

string / string
pattern / (string or function of match).

See also replace-first.

The replacement is literal (i.e. none of its characters are treated
specially) for all cases above except pattern / string.

For pattern / string, $1, $2, etc. in the replacement string are
substituted with the string that matched the corresponding
parenthesized group in the pattern.

(clojure.string/replace "Almost Pig Latin" #"\b(\w)(\w+)\b" "$2$1ay")
-> "lmostAay igPay atinLay"
Source code @ clojurescript:src/main/cljs/clojure/string.cljs
(defn ^string replace
  [s match replacement]
    (string? match)
    (.replace s (js/RegExp. (gstring/regExpEscape match) "g") replacement)

    (instance? js/RegExp match)
    (if (string? replacement)
      (replace-all s match replacement)
      (replace-all s match (replace-with replacement)))

    :else (throw (str "Invalid match arg: " match))))