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(.. x form)
(.. x form & more)


For interop, the .. macro allows method/property chaining on the given JavaScript object o.

It essentially combines the thread-first -> macro with the . operator.


// JavaScript
"a b c d".toUpperCase().replace("A", "X")
//=> "X B C D"
;; ClojureScript
(.. "a b c d"
    (replace "A" "X"))
;;=> "X B C D"

This is expanded to:

(. (. "a b c d" toUpperCase) (replace "A" "X"))

which is equivalent to:

(.replace (.toUpperCase "a b c d") "A" "X")
;;=> "X B C D"

Compare to the equivalent form using the thread-first -> macro:

(-> "a b c d"
    (.replace "A" "X"))
;;=> "X B C D"

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Source docstring:
form => fieldName-symbol or (instanceMethodName-symbol args*)

Expands into a member access (.) of the first member on the first
argument, followed by the next member on the result, etc. For

(.. System (getProperties) (get "os.name"))

expands to:

(. (. System (getProperties)) (get "os.name"))

but is easier to write, read, and understand.
Source code @ clojure:src/clj/clojure/core.clj
(defmacro ..
  {:added "1.0"}
  ([x form] `(. ~x ~form))
  ([x form & more] `(.. (. ~x ~form) ~@more)))