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(atom x)
(atom x & {:keys [meta validator]})

(atom x) - creates atom with initial value of x (atom x opts) - adds metadata or validator to atom


opts is an optional map with optional keys :meta and :validator.

:meta should be a metadata-map for the atom.

:validator should be a validator function for the atom. See set-validator! for more information.


(def a (atom 1))

;;=> 1

(reset! a 2)
;;=> 2

(swap! a inc)
;;=> 3

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Source docstring:
Creates and returns an Atom with an initial value of x and zero or
more options (in any order):

:meta metadata-map

:validator validate-fn

If metadata-map is supplied, it will become the metadata on the
atom. validate-fn must be nil or a side-effect-free fn of one
argument, which will be passed the intended new state on any state
change. If the new state is unacceptable, the validate-fn should
return false or throw an Error.  If either of these error conditions
occur, then the value of the atom will not change.
Source code @ clojurescript:src/main/cljs/cljs/core.cljs
(defn atom
  ([x] (Atom. x nil nil nil))
  ([x & {:keys [meta validator]}] (Atom. x meta validator nil)))