Oct 27, 2013 by David Nolen on Google Groups


  • tools.reader 0.7.10


  • Significantly better source map support - should work with or without Closure optimizations and should work with incremental compilation across JVM runs. If you haven't tried the source map feature before, now's a good time :)

Bug fixes:

CLJS-638: Keyword invoke is inconsistent with clojure CLJS-632: use tools.reader's alias-map for tracking aliases instead of Clojure namespaces CLJS-471: prevent empty regexps from causing compiler errors CLJS-628: cljs-file not bound when compiling to stdout CLJS-634: do not call getPath on a null value CLJS-635: Clojure consistent implementations of -rseq CLJS-608: Stop re-seq after reaching end of string CLJS-591: source relative path for source map CLJS-617: double evaluation of ^not-native type-hinted expressions