Aug 16, 2017 by David Nolen on Google Groups

This release includes a number of bug fixes and changes based on feedback from the 1.9.854 release. For high level details please refer to the announcement on the official site https://clojurescript.org/news/2017-08-16-release

As always feedback welcome!


  • CLJS-2323: data readers support for records


  • CLJS-2322: Require only @cljs-oss/module-deps to be installed to figure out Node.js dep graph
  • CLJS-2321: Do not automatically call set-loaded! on the user's behalf
  • CLJS-2316: Upgrade Closure Compiler to August release
  • CLJS-2317: Upgrade Google Closure Library
  • CLJS-2234: Make build scripts optionally less verbose
  • CLJS-2314: Eliminate str call on literal strings in str macro
  • CLJS-2291: Set up Windows CI
  • CLJS-2286: Simplify JS module processing


  • CLJS-2324: module-graph doesn't munge :requires when indexing inputs
  • CLJS-2309: :module foreign-libs order not preserved
  • CLJS-2318: module-deps.js doesn't respect the package.json module field
  • CLJS-2312: Miss-compile: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token default
  • CLJS-2315: module_deps.js can't resolve JSON modules
  • CLJS-2313: :language-out is a build affecting option
  • CLJS-2306: Provide better warning message when namespace can't be found
  • CLJS-2303: Disable duplicate alias checking for self-host
  • CLJS-2307: Closure warns on unreachable checked array code
  • CLJS-2305 Tests: Unable to resolve symbol: opts in this context
  • CLJS-2299: Failure with alias and bad require of clojure.spec
  • CLJS-2302: Disable process-shim by default in Node.js targets
  • CLJS-2266: Self-host: Cannot require clojure.x where clojure.x has no macros namespace
  • CLJS-2304: Fix compiler infrastructure tests on Windows
  • CLJS-2261: Issue using interop record constructors in macros namespaces
  • CLJS-2296: Foreign libs that expose modules are not being processed under target nod
  • CLJS-2293: Self-host: Can't load cljs.js owing to set alias
  • CLJS-2295: index-node-modules-dir can't determine :main for package.json files that have . in the string
  • CLJS-1620: In JavaScript ES2015 modules default export name is munged to default$
  • CLJS-2287: Self-host: require prints result of loading node deps / global exports
  • CLJS-2290: Node packages using require('assert') fail compilation
  • CLJS-2281: module_deps.js cannot compute inputs for ES6 sources
  • CLJS-2284: Fix build API tests not to pollute out in the current directory
  • CLJS-2282: Some valid keywords are strings in JS object literals
  • CLJS-2283: Regression with js-obj and gobject alias?