Mar 16, 2015 by David Nolen on Google Groups

This release is a bugfix release addressing several long outstanding issues as well as a number of problems that cropped up around improved REPLs and compile times.

As usual feedback welcome!




  • CLJS-667: validate extend-type and extend-protocol shape
  • CLJS-1112: :repl-requires option for REPL evaluation environment
  • CLJS-1111: browser REPL should have no side effects until -setup


  • CLJS-1085: Allow to pass test environment to cljs.test/run-all-tests
  • CLJS-867: extend-type with Object methods requires multi-arity style definition
  • CLJS-1118: cljs.repl/doc support for protocols
  • CLJS-889: re-pattern works on strings containing \u2028 or \u2029
  • CLJS-109: Compiler errors/warnings should be displayed when cljs namespace 'package' names start with an unacceptable javascript symbol
  • CLJS-891: Defs in "parent" namespaces clash with "child" namespaces with the same name?
  • CLJS-813: Warn about reserved JS keyword usage in namespace names
  • CLJS-876: merged sourcemap doesn't account for output-wrapper
  • CLJS-1062: Incorrect deftype/defrecord definition leads to complex error messages
  • CLJS-1120: analyze-deps does not appear to work when analyzing analysis caches
  • CLJS-1119: constant table emission logic is incorrect
  • CLJS-977: implement IKVReduce in Subvec
  • CLJS-1117: Dependencies in JARs don't use cached analysis
  • CLJS-689: js/-Infinity munges to _Infinity
  • CLJS-1114: browser REPL script loading race condition
  • CLJS-1110: cljs.closure/watch needs to print errors to err
  • CLJS-1101 cljs.test might throw when trying to detect file-and-line
  • CLJS-1090: macros imported from clojure.core missing docs
  • CLJS-1108: :modules :output-to needs to create directories
  • CLJS-1095: UUID to implement IComparable
  • CLJS-1096: Update js/Date -equiv and -compare semantics based on Date.valueOf() value
  • CLJS-1102 clojure.test should print column number of exception when available