0.0-3308 - Fixes and Enhancements

Jun 1, 2015 by David Nolen on Google Groups

This release bumps the Clojure dependecy to 1.7.0-RC1 and includes fixes and minor enhancements.

As always feedback welcome!



  • Clojure 1.7.0-RC1 dependency
  • CLJS-1292: Add IPrintWithWriter implementation for TaggedLiteral
  • add cljs.core/random-uuid
  • flush immediately when forwarding Node process out & err
  • CLJS-1256 cache UUID hash value
  • CLJS-1226: Added the :end-run-test event to cljs.test and a dummy event handler for it


  • CLJS-1200: compare behaves differently from Clojure
  • CLJS-1293: Warning settings not conveyed via REPL
  • CLJS-1291: pprint whitespace/letter checks are incomplete
  • CLJS-1288: compiler doesn't emit "goog.require" for foreign library when optimization level is not set
  • check that we actually read something in cjls.repl.server/read-request
  • clarify cljs.test/run-tests docstring
  • CLJS-1285: load-file regression
  • CLJS-1284: IndexedSeq -seq implementation incorrect for i >= alength of internal array
  • finish CLJS-1176, remove stray .isAlive method call
  • add zero arity newline to match Clojure
  • CLJS-1206: Images in HTML don't show up when served from localhost:9000
  • CLJS-1272: :include-macros description inaccurate in require
  • CLJS-1275: Corrected :test-paths in project.clj
  • CLJS-1270: Docstring for delay not printed by cljs.repl/doc
  • CLJS-1268: cljc support for cljs.closure/compile-file
  • CLJS-1269: realized? docstring refers to promise and future
  • match Clojure behavior for get on string / array. Need to coerce key into int.
  • CLJS-1263: :libs regression, can no longer specify specific files
  • CLJS-1209: Reduce produces additional final nil when used w/ eduction
  • CLJS-1261: source fn fails for fns with conditional code