0.0-3196 - Conditional Reading, REPLs, and Code Motion

Apr 10, 2015 by David Nolen on Google Groups

This release is intended to coincide with Clojure 1.7.0-beta1. Besides conditional reading support, it includes a number of improvements and bug fixes around REPLs. Piggieback (and thus nREPL) integration has been greatly enhanced. Also notable is significantly improved cross module code motion under :modules.

As always feedback welcome!



  • Conditional reading
  • map clojure.core/in-ns to REPL in-ns special for existing tools
  • CLJS-1171: map clojure.repl/doc, clojure.repl/source, clojure.repl/dir
  • add macroexpand and macroexpand-1 macros
  • CLJS-1019: REPL source map caching support
  • CLJS-1154: Unmunged function names for stacktrace


  • Clojure 1.7.0-beta1 dependency
  • tools.reader 0.9.1 dependency
  • CLJS-1188: multi-arity fns hinder cross-module code motion
  • cljs.test needs to default to sync
  • CLJS-1184: log module building activity under verbose
  • CLJS-1175: CLJS defmulti doesn't exhibit same defonce behavior as Clojure's defmulti, suggesting an even better reloading behavior
  • CLJS-1176: redirect node REPL output through out and err, not System/out, System/err
  • CLJS-1144 - expose defaul-dispatch-val and dispatch-fn multifn accessors
  • CLJ-1172: supply main entry points for all standard REPLs
  • less noisy REPL prompt
  • add docstrings & validation to macroexpand & macroexpand-1


  • CLJS-1192: eliminate JDK8 API dependency in cljs.repl.node
  • CLJS-1158: Regression: compiler fails to see symbols defined in another namespace
  • CLJS-1189: array-map will return PersistentHashMap if applied to more than (.-HASHMAP-THRESHOLD PersistentArrayMap) pairs
  • CLJS-1183: load-file doesn't copy source to output directory
  • CLJS-1187: var ast contains internal nodes with bad analysis :context
  • CLJS-1182: semantics of load-file should be require + implicit :reload
  • CLJS-1179: strange load-file behavior
  • CLJS-808: Warning from find-classpath-lib mistakenly included in generated source
  • CLJS-1169: cannot use REPL load-file on files that declare single segment namespaces
  • don't use print unless printing the result of eval
  • CLJS-1162: Failure to printStackTrace when REPL initialized
  • CLJS-1161: actually print error stack traces to err, allow higher-level rebindings of cljs-ns
  • CLJS-841: cljs.closure/build file locks
  • CLJS-1156: load-file fails with :make-reader issue
  • CLJS-1152: (require 'some.ns :reload) causes printing to stop working in browser REPL
  • CLJS-1157: Stacktrace unmunging blindly use locals
  • CLJS-1155: REPL :watch support does not play nicely with :cljs/quit
  • CLJS-1137: :cljs/quit fails to actually quit in browser REPL
  • CLJS-1148: ClojureScript REPL must maintain eval/print pairing
  • make quit-prompt configurable
  • CLJS-1149: cljs.repl/repl needs to support :compiler-env option
  • CLJS-1140: typo in cljs.repl/repl, :need-prompt prompt instead of :need-prompt need-prompt