0.0-2843 - Node, Node, Node

Feb 12, 2015 by David Nolen on Google Groups

This release is primarily about outstanding Node.js target issues. Further changes have been made to support Node.js v0.12 specifically around the deprecation of util.print. Node.js target now supports :main same as browser based :none builds. Node.js :simple and :advanced builds now set goog.global correctly ensuring that core.async works properly. The Node.js REPL should now work on slower machines. And all of these enhancements have been made with the Windows platform in mind.

We've also solidified and documented the new generic source mapping infrastructure for custom REPLs. Figwheel and Ambly are already taking advantage of this to great effect.

Printing is now customizable in order to support custom printing in Chrome DevTools, there's some prototype work based on this happening here: https://github.com/binaryage/cljs-devtools-sample.

cljs.test now supports macro inference simplifying testing at a REPL.

Full list of changes, fixes, and enhancements follows.

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  • CLJS-1032: Node.js target should support :main
  • require cljs.test macro ns in cljs.test to get macro inference goodness
  • include :url entries to original sources in mapped stacktraces if it can be determined from the classpath
  • support custom mapped stacktrace printing
  • provide data oriented stacktrace mapping api
  • CLJS-1025: make REPL source mapping infrastructure generic
  • CLJS-1010: Printing hook for cljs-devtools
  • CLJS-1016: make "..." marker configurable


  • CLJS-887: browser repl should serve CSS
  • CLJS-1031: Get Closure Compiler over https in the bootstrap script


  • cljs.nodejscli ns needs to set goog.global when COMPILED is true, this fixes the fundamental issues for ASYNC-110
  • CLJS-967: "java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused" when running node repl
  • pass relevant source map options in the incremental compile case
  • add some missing source-map customization flags to optimized builds
  • fix missed Rhino REPL regression, the surrounding REPL infrastructure creates cljs.user for us
  • util.print has been deprecated in Node.js v0.12. Switch to console.log in Node.js REPLs.
  • change cljs.closure/watch so it correctly watches all subdirectories do not recompile unless changed path is a file with .cljs or .js extension