Apr 25, 2016 by David Nolen on Google Groups

This release updates the Closure Compiler and tools.reader dependencies, fixes a race condition with :parallel-build, improves JS module integration, and includes a number of enhancements and fixes around optional self hosting. A big thanks to everyone who contributed!

As always feedback welcome.


  • bump Closure Compiler to v20160315
  • bump tools.reader to 1.0.0-beta1
  • CLJS-1624: Avoid useage of JSC_HOME in test bash scripts



  • CLJS-1588: defrecord satisfies? behavior under bootstrap
  • CLJS-1632: docs / arglist consistency
  • CLJS-1612: Resolve ns aliases in syntax-quote
  • CLJS-1621: Foreign libs modules of different types don't compile together
  • CLJS-1617: inlined list evaluation order
  • :parallel-build race condition