1.9.542 - spec changes & REPL enhancement

May 12, 2017 by David Nolen on Google Groups

This release is primarily about staying in sync with the latest changes to spec. It also includes a small but significant enhancement to REPLs to allow handling multiple forms.

As always, feedback welcome!


  • CLJS-1572: REPL doesn't give error for expressions with too many right parentheses


  • cljs.spec -> cljs.spec.alpha
  • CLJS-2013 - Add MapEntry type
  • CLJS-2015: Self-host: defmacro should return the Var
  • CLJS-2017: Upgrade Closure Compiler to latest April 2017 release


  • CLJS-485: RegExp flags are being dropped by string/replace
  • CLJS-1518: Case macro expansion evaluates expression twice
  • CLJS-2024: Self-host: find-ns-obj broken for namespaces with 'a' as the first segment
  • CLJS-2028: realized? throws on LazyTransformer
  • CLJS-2010: refer-clojure :rename throws on valid invocations
  • CLJS-2007: Whitespace optimizations should respect :main option.

API Additions