1.9.562 - Clojure 1.9.0-alpha17 parity

May 26, 2017 by David Nolen on Google Groups

This release coincides with Clojure 1.9.0-alpha17, includes a variety of fixes, and updates both the Closure Compiler & Library dependencies.

As always, feedback welcome!


  • CLJS-2027: Add language-in for ECMA 2017 and ECMA Next
  • CLJS-2026: Add Compiler option for rewrite polyfills


  • CLJS-2021: subvec throws when passed non-vector
  • CLJS-1884: Give a chance to MetaFn to be removed by closure under :advanced optimization Replace with-meta calls by -with-meta calls where possible
  • CLJS-2052: Port new spec.alpha enhancements
  • Update Google Closure Compiler dependency
  • Update Google Closure Library dependency


  • CLJS-2053: Regression: cljs.spec.alpha/any for fdef
  • CLJS-2039: remove extraneous argument from ChunkBuffer.chunk
  • Fix assumption that all closure-compliant JS is goog.*
  • CLJS-2035: Self-host: Add map-entry-test to self-parity
  • CLJS-2033: set-validator! should check current state
  • CLJS-2008: Self-host: backport fixes to threading macros
  • CLJS-2005: Bad error message with duplicate arity function definitions
  • CLJS-2032: Case macro expansion evaluates expression twice when no matching clause
  • CLJS-2023: User supplied type hints stopped working on js/goog.DEBUG
  • CLJS-2020: defmulti "miss" performance poor
  • CLJS-2034: Sequence and Eduction produce infinite loop in transducer that appends to the reduction