1.7.170 - Enhanced Build Pipeline

Nov 6, 2015 by David Nolen on Google Groups

This release includes a major refactor of the build pipeline thanks to Juho Teperi. This change along with some greatly simplified recompilation logic will mean much faster cold build times for larger projects (some users have already reported >10X).

This is a breaking change for existing tooling. You will need to upgrade lein-cljsbuild, lein-figwheel, and boot-cljs if you intend to adopt this version of ClojureScript. All the mentioned tools have already accounted for this change. Refer to the appropriate documentation for your tooling to determine which version number you should adopt.

Other interesting changes and fixes include newer Google Closure Compiler and Library dependencies, self hosting tweaks, a Google Closure modules (:modules compiler option) regression, improved warnings, and minor REPL enhancements.

As always feedback welcome!


  • Refactor build pipeline
  • CLJS-1478: Self-host: Allow static-fns opt


  • Generate larger range of random UUIDs
  • make browser REPL file reloads less chatty
  • CLJS-1475: indicate that cljs.reader/read is safe
  • CLJS-1470: Bump GCL Dependency
  • bump Google Closure dep


  • in system-time check that js/process.hrtime is actually a thing
  • CLJS-1228: cljs.util/topo-sort is polynomial on larger dependency graphs
  • check that performance.now method actually exists
  • CLJS-1476: Self-host: Protocol prefixing broken for three- (or more) segment namespaces
  • CLJS-1472 Patch for CLJS-1467 causes regression for nodejscli
  • CLJS-1469 :modules regression
  • CLJS-1445: Syntax error for var args in protocol methods
  • Warn if protocol impl methods do not match its protocol
  • CLJS-1451 Protocol impl do not support qualified method names
  • CLJS-1422: cljs.js/eval-str fails for ns form on node.js with simple optimizations
  • CLJS-1423: self-host: Requiring analyzer/compiler breaks unchecked Boolean
  • CLJS-1466: Improperly munged output path for GClosure JavaScript
  • CLJS-1467: Foreign Libraries not included when using :main with :simple or :advanced

API Additions

including pre-release 1.7.166