Oct 13, 2015 by David Nolen on Google Groups

This release updates the Google Closure Compiler dependency and includes many small enhancements and fixes.

As always feedback welcome!



  • CLJS-1455: high resoluting timing where available
  • CLJS-1403: Add updated Windows shell scripts
  • CLJS-1017: support :main for :advanced and :simple builds
  • CLJS-1409: allow basic type checking of protocols
  • CLJS-1404: var resolution for @param and @return
  • CLJS-1395: Node.js REPL debug port support


  • CLJS-1464: docstrings for transducer arities
  • Latest Google Closure Compiler dependency
  • Node.js REPL sets target
  • add cljs.analyzer.api/get-js-index
  • add goog.object to list of implicit namespaces
  • CLJS-1393: turn target into goog-define


  • UUID hashing
  • CLJS-1465: fix main-cli-fn doc
  • CLJS-1456: bad require forms at REPL can corrupt REPL session
  • CLJS-1449: self host :require-macros bug
  • CLJS-1462: self host regression
  • Add header bits for Node.js under :none
  • CLJS-1457: unicode symbol munging
  • CLJS-1442: self host, docstring typos
  • CLJS-1441: portable clojure.string
  • CLJS-1436: self-host, dep ns not loaded
  • CLJS-1440: self-host, eval support in Web Workers
  • CLJS-1400: self-host, doseq broken
  • CLJS-1435: self-host, bad lexical scope
  • CLJS-1434: clojure.walk no longer preseves meta
  • CLJS-1432: '$ and '. symbol collision under advanced
  • CLJS-1304: c.string/replace differs from Clojure
  • CLJS-1430: bad code gen for self host .toString method calls
  • CLJS-1353: range inconsistent with Clojure
  • CLJS-1431: load-file doc output missing arglists
  • CLJS-1433: cljs.js/eval-fn passed nil :cache
  • CLJS-1299: add more support for literals to cljs.reader
  • CLJS-1417: cljs.js require macros failures
  • CLJS-1416: cljs.util/last-modified leaks files
  • CLJS-1481: self host defprotocol regression
  • CLJS-1414: only munge @param & @return if type checking
  • CLJS-1401: unify runtime & compile UUID hashing
  • CLJS-1395: no trailing semicolons after JS comment
  • CLJS-1394: reify gensyms can clash