1.9.473 - bugfix release

Feb 11, 2017 by David Nolen on Google Groups

This is a bugfix release.

As always, feedback welcome!


  • CLJS-1931: Closure Compiler {{--generate_exports}} flag not supported
  • CLJS-1934: Self-host: require-macros :reload / :reload-all fails
  • CLJS-1932: Self-host: Perf regression macroexpand-check
  • CLJS-1930: Master broken wrt static field: ES5_STRICT_UNCOMMON
  • CLJS-1929: When expanding libs don't include Hidden files
  • CLJS-1905: Self-host: Stacktraces for script/test-self-parity
  • CLJS-1795: Support more options in the :closure-warnings compiler option
  • CLJS-1922: Use :file as relative output path for foreign-libs
  • CLJS-1831: Self-host: Improperly munge ns names
  • CLJS-1925: Use of undeclared Var cljs.user/RegExp when extending protocol for RegExp
  • CLJS-1920: cljs.build.api/node-inputs: package.json files are only added if module entries are top-leve
  • CLJS-1916: __dirname and __filename are not defined when compiling for Node.js with optimizations :none
  • CLJS-1915: cljs.test: Index out of bounds for stack element w/o line/column

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