Nov 21, 2013 by David Nolen on Google Groups

Source map accuracy is considerably improved in this release. Source maps now work great under incremental compilation regardless of the level of optimization. PersistentVector performance is considerably improved for conj and instantiation.


  • CLJS-683: :source-map-path compiler option to simplify web server integration
  • enable-console-print! for console.log based printing
  • print-length now supported

Bug fixes:

  • CLJS-691: IComparable for keywords and symbols
  • CLJS-674: relativization of source map paths
  • CLJS-687: error when deftype/record used as a function
  • CLJS-639: warnings when record initialized incorrectly
  • CLJS-672: source maps + optimizations + :libs breaks building
  • CLJS-676: source map stale under incremental compilation + closure optimization
  • CLJS-684: throw on circular dependency
  • CLJS-583: duplicate keys in sets
  • CLJS-680: function name shadows JS globals
  • CLJS-699: namespaced keyword regression
  • CLJS-647: js-obj keys could not be expressions