Dec 13, 2013 by David Nolen on Google Groups


  • inline source map information available to REPLs, enabled in browser REPL
  • #js data literal support added
  • :include-macros true and :refer-macros [syms ...] allowed in :require
  • make-array now inlined into dense array, much faster PHM perf
  • CLJS-673: support print-level
  • expose Google Closure Compiler defines under :closure-defines
  • expose Google Closure Compiler warnings configuration under :closure-warnings


  • latest Closure Compiler dependency
  • CLJS-690: add sequence & sorted
  • CLJS-709: optimize cljs->js for sequential collection to array
  • CLJS-699: letfn fns not optimized

Bug fixes:

  • CLJS-724: Range -first bug
  • CLJS-725: fix broken optimizations around IndexedSeq
  • fix broken behavior of #uuid and #inst data literals
  • CLJS-697: top-level symbol reference doesn't get an automatically inserted ns-name
  • CLJS-692: cannot access properties on imported GClosure constructors
  • CLJS-480: reader/data-readers bound inconsistently

API Additions

including pre-releases 0.0-2080, 0.0-2075, 0.0-2069