Mar 26, 2014 by David Nolen on Google Groups

Changes & Enhancements:

  • updated Google Closure Library dependency
  • Allow the language_in && the language_out option to be set for the google closure compiler
  • Use Array.isArray when building for node.js


  • CLJS-774: ensure correct cljs.reader inst and ratio parsing.
  • CLJS-782: toString implementation for UUID
  • CLJS-780: apply-to broken for arg count >= 6
  • CLJS-778: RSeq does not implement INext, incorrect -rest implementation
  • CLJS-777: multimethods are not IFn
  • CLJS-772: Support :none & :whitespace optimizations under Node.js
  • CLJS-728: fix (get coll k) when coll is vector-like and k is non-numeric.
  • CLJS-757: Remove redundant bounds checking in PersistentVector and TransientVector.
  • CLJS-745: Support destructuring maps with namespaced keywords
  • CLJS-768: Fix assoc!-ing non-numeric keys into TransientVector.
  • CLJS-770: refactor goog-style JS dependency bits into cljs.js-deps, populate :js-dependency-index in default cljs environments