Apr 23, 2015 by David Nolen on Google Groups

This release is a bugfix release addressing some regressions as well as introducing some further REPL refinements.

As usual feedback welcome!



  • CLJS-1205: Conditional reading in REPLs
  • CLJS-1204: cljs.build.api/watch can now take compilation inputs
  • CLJS-1203: standard way to pass multiple directories to build


  • CLJS-1216: incorrect max fixed arity for fns both multi-arity and variadic
  • cljs.analyzer/parse-ns did not bind cljs-file
  • CLJS-1201: compare broken for IIndexed collections
  • CLJS-1202: cljs.repl/load-file is not additive
  • CLJS-1199: array-map should skip dropped elements of IndexedSeq
  • CLJS-1197: load-file does not reload associated macro namespace