0.0-3255 - Pretty Printer and Latest Closure Compiler/Library

May 8, 2015 by David Nolen on Google Groups

A big thanks goes out to Jonathan Boston and Shaun Lebron for this release. Thanks to their efforts ClojureScript now includes a full port of clojure.pprint under the cljs.pprint namespace. This was the last major namespace in need of porting to ClojureScript.

The release also bumps several dependencies: Clojure 1.7.0-beta2, tools.reader 0.9.2, Closure Compiler v20150505, and Closure Library 0.0-20150505-021ed5b3.

This release also fixes some regressions around async testing, docstring REPL support, arglist meta, and more.

As always feedback welcome!



  • Update Closure Library dependency
  • CLJS-1252: Update Closure Compiler Dependency to v20150505
  • .clj -> .cljc for important analysis / compilation bits
  • add public cljs.compiler.api namespace
  • CLJS-1224: cljs.repl: Memoize stack frame mapping
  • depend on tools.reader 0.9.2


  • add cljs.pprint/pp macro
  • CLJS-710: port clojure.pprint
  • CLJS-1178: Compiler does not know Math ns is not not-native
  • add getBasis methods to deftype and defrecord ctors a la Clojure JVM
  • support ^long and ^double type hints


  • fix cljs-1198 async testing regression
  • CLJS-1254: Update REPL browser agent detection CLJS-1253: Create/Use new Closure Library Release
  • CLJS-1225: Variadic function with same name as parent function gives runtime error in advanced compile mode.
  • CLJS-1246: Add cljs.core/record? predicate.
  • CLJS-1239: Make eduction variadic.
  • CLJS-1244: tagged-literal precondition check missing wrapping vector
  • CLJS-1243: Add TaggedLiteral type & related fns
  • CLJS-1240: Add cljs.core/var?
  • CLJS-1214: :arglists meta has needless quoting CLJS-1232: bad arglists for doc, regression
  • CLJS-1212: Error in set ctor for > 8-entry map literal
  • CLJS-1218: Syntax quoting an alias created with :require-macros throws ClassCastException
  • CLJS-1213: cljs.analyzer incorrectly marks all defs as tests when eliding test metadata
  • CLJS-742: Compilation with :output-file option set fails

API Additions