1.9.521 - `async` issue resolved

Apr 12, 2017 by David Nolen on Google Groups

This release bumps Closure Compiler, finally resolving the issue with core.async.

As always feedback welcome!


  • CLJS-1973: Add support for :npm-deps in upstream deps.cljs
  • CLJS-1968: Enable calling JS modules that export a single function
  • CLJS-1960: Require CommonJS modules directly from a ClojureScript namespace


  • CLJS-2006: Upgrade Closure Compiler to April 2017 release


  • CLJS-1497: find on an associative collection does not return collection key
  • CLJS-1996: Support correct checking of :preloads when :optimizations not specified
  • CLJS-1994: assoc on nil returns PHM (expected PAM)
  • CLJS-1988: add :npm-deps to recognized compiler options
  • Fix tiny bug in index-node-modules when no second argument is given
  • CLJS-1985: index-node-modules should pass opts to node-inputs
  • CLJS-1987: don't index node modules blindly
  • CLJS-1519 Collection invoke errors report arity off by 1
  • CLJS-1964: Validate that :target :nodejs and no optimizations requires a :main option to be present
  • CLJS-1956: Add missing JS reserved keywords
  • CLJS-1983: res -> mres in spec.cljs
  • CLJS-1978: port CLJ-2035
  • CLJS-1979: port CLJ-2043 (fix s/form of s/conformer)
  • CLJS-1980: port CLJ-2100 (s/nilable form should retain original spec form)
  • CLJS-1976: hash-map assoc stackoverflow
  • CLJS-1957: Process JS modules errors and warnings don't get printed
  • CLJS-1868 - Output simpler dependency rel paths when compiling with Closure libs
  • CLJS-1967: Missing ^boolean for removed-leaf? in THM impl

API Additions

including pre-releases 1.9.518, 1.9.495