May 22, 2014 by David Nolen on Google Groups


  • optimized case
  • CLJS-802: Add :pseudo-names compiler option
  • CLJS-795: 10X performance enchancement for multimethods
  • CLJS-801: str macro emits unoptimizable js code
  • CLJS-656: search classpath for goog-style JavaScript dependencies


  • CLJS-792: Implement IReduce on PersistentArrayMap
  • CLJS-804: Binding print-length breaks str
  • CLJS-775: Fix cljs.reader cljs.reader parses radix form of int literals
  • CLJS-805: add-watch returns map of watch fns instead of watched reference
  • CLJS-787: cljs.reader does not read blank string as nil
  • CLJS-784: Fix *Map.-conj for map-entry seqs, that don't implement INext
  • CLJS-784: make conj on maps behave as it does in Clojure
  • CLJS-793: fix memoize (non-truthy values don't get cached)
  • CLJS-800: PersistentQueueSeq extended to IPrintWithWriter