Mar 18, 2016 by David Nolen on Google Groups

There are many minor fixes in this release around bootstrapped ClojureScript. This release also fixes a subtle bug with the new :parallel-build feature.

As always feedback welcome!


  • CLJS-1582: Type-hint extend-type first arg for primitives
  • CLJS-1590: split, split-lines differs from Clojure on empty string
  • CLJS-1594: NaN and both infinities cannot be elements of a set
  • CLJS-1597: Redundant IPrintWithWriter test in pr-writer-impl
  • CLJS-1583: (hash (symbol "/")) does not match (hash '/)
  • bump tools reader
  • CLJS-1492: Warn when using :optimisations instead of :optimizations
  • less cryptic error if :main doesn't correspond to any file
  • CLJS-744: ISequential types should implement JS indexOf, lastIndexOf
  • CLJS-1411: make-array signature differs from clojure


  • CLJS-1589: Self-host: case fail with nil
  • CLJS-1596: Self-host: :load-macros and :analyze-deps don't work in cljs.js
  • CLJS-1420: get-in behavior differs from Clojure by always deferring to the 3 arity fn
  • CLJS-1585: Self-host: Alias-scoped keywords
  • CLJS-1577: Self-host: syntax-quote resolves on dot forms
  • CLJS-1564: Self-host: cached macro loaded update
  • CLJS-1584: Self-host: core/str error with condp
  • CLJS-1521: Self-host: Macro namespaces cannot be aliased
  • CLJS-1573: Self-host: Invalid UTF escaping in cljs-in-cljs
  • CLJS-1570: :parallel-build causes invalid truth check in cljs.reader/read-number
  • CLJS-1568: LazyTransformer doesn't implement IMeta
  • CLJS-1578: Corrupted Analysis Files Break Compilation
  • CLJS-1579: cljs.source-map/invert-reverse-map discards gcol
  • CLJS-1580: Self-host: goog.provide offsets source-maps
  • CLJS-1569: IndexedSeq doesn't implement IWithMeta / IMeta
  • CLJS-1567: make-array macro missing > 2 arg arity
  • CLJS-1571: Make special-symbol? true for 'var
  • CLJS-1555: make-array macro missing 2 arg arity
  • CLJS-970: generate assert message when compiling
  • CLJS-1565: Self-host: whitespace optimization is broken
  • CLJS-1541: Self-host: Cannot require 'cljs.js using cljs.jar
  • CLJS-1550: Enhance docstring for extend-type wrt type-sym
  • CLJS-1551: Self-host: assert-args dormant in macros
  • CLJS-1552: doc for & should match fn
  • CLJS-1488: cljs.repl/source Cannot read source of cljs functions that use #js reader
  • CLJS-1557: Make special-symbol? return true for catch and finally
  • CLJS-1542: Self-host: cljs/compile-str not handling errors properly
  • CLJS-1318: Fix typo in documentation of specify
  • CLJS-620: Warnings are generated when using a macro in argument position
  • CLJS-1547: Wrong output encoding when compile with goog.LOCALE
  • CLJS-1546: cljs.core/run! does not always return nil