0.0-2814 - Nashorn REPL, async testing, and much more

Feb 9, 2015 by David Nolen on Google Groups

There are numerous enhancements in this release including: a Nashorn REPL, Node.js 0.12 support, cljs.test async testing support, cljs.closure/watch, extra JSDoc annotation support, unified source mapping on client/server (thus REPLs!), and many small fixes.

I'm particularly excited about unified source mapping as this means we get a much better debugging experience on newer targets (for us) like iOS, see https://github.com/omcljs/ambly



  • add simple source directory cljs.closure/watch watcher using java.nio
  • CLJS-1022: Concatenate foreign dependencies safely
  • CLJS-988: Support async testing in cljs.test
  • CLJS-1018: Add support for cljs.core/*e Modify the JavaScript that is sent for evaluation to wrap in a try and then catch any exception thrown, assign it to *e, and then rethrow.
  • CLJS-1012: Correct behavior when print-length is set to 0
  • Added new :closure-extra-annotations compiler option allowing to define extra JSDoc annotation used by closure libraries.
  • Mirrored source map support APIs on server/client
  • Unified source mapping support in REPLs
  • Nashorn REPL (thanks Pieter van Prooijen)


  • CLJS-1023: regression, macro-autoload-ns? and ns-dependents need to throw on cyclic dependencies
  • fix require with browser REPL, set base path to "goog/"
  • CLJS-1020: off by one error in REPL source map support
  • Node.js 0.12 support
  • browser REPL needs to respect :output-dir
  • CLJS-1006: Implicit dependency of clojure.browser.repl on cljs.repl
  • CLJS-1005: Browser REPL creates 'out' directory no matter what
  • CLJS-1003: fix cljs.test run-tests do-report :summary issues
  • CLJS-1003: Cannot pass custom env to run-tests
  • Windows Node.js REPL issues

API Additions

including pre-releases 0.0-2760, 0.0-2758